Typically people think of pegging as pleasure for him only.  Strapons are not real cocks so how could she possibly enjoy it, right?  Wrong.  It may come as a surprise to you but women have been enjoying pegging for generations.  How you say?

1. Vibrating Strapons - If you are a woman who enjoys clitorial stimulated a little vibration can go a long way.  Many strapons have either a little pocket behind the dildo to slip in a bullet vibe or you can find dildos that are hollowed out for the vibe to slide up inside the length.  So while you are fucking away you can enjoy some reciprocal pleasure and even orgasm if you keep it up long enough!

2. Strapless Strapons - If you are a woman who enjoys g-spot stimulation and orgasm then you will enjoy strapons that slide up inside of you.  Imagine with every back and forth motion your g-spot is stimulated in a symbiotic dance.  You will feel like your strapon is an extension of yourself rather than something you just strapped on.  Some even vibrate too if you want extra stimulation!

3. Inner Dom - They say we all have one inside of us!  For many women just strapping on a cock and being the one to penetrate and fuck their partners unleashes a dom side they never even knew they had.  It can be a heady rush to have your man submi

4. The Ultimate Pleasure - For some of us bringing our partner's the ultimate pleasure is turn on enough.  Pleasure is found in the very intimate act of providing such intense, multi-orgasmic pleasure that prostate stimulation can lead to.