Anal toys are a great place to start whether with your partner or solo.  Getting your ass use to having something inside of it can take a bit of work.  Some people know they love it right away and others have to adjust to the intensity of the feeling.  Each of the toys offers something a little different and I recommend exploring them in order of how they appear below.
Prostate Toys
Get to know your prostate with these perfectly curved toys.  Just insert and enjoy, your natural movements will apply pressure in all the right spots.
Butt Plugs
This little toy is perfect for longer wear and certain styles even allow for wearing outside of the house.  Also great to prep your ass before pegging!
Anal Beads
Ready for a little extra sensation?  Try inserting and then slowly removing anal beads...especially right before orgasm for an intense experience!
Looking for the fullness that the other toys do not provide?  Try a dildo!  Suction cup ones allow for great solo play and can prepare you for pegging.


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