We are kind of new at pegging. He loves the pain he feels the next day when he sits. First is this normal? We started with 1.5" diameter, then 1.75" diameter, now its over 2"s in diameter, so that his asshole hurts. How thick is to thick? Thanks

Congrats on delving into this wonderful new kink!  It sounds like you guys are doing it right…gradually working him up to a bigger size.  What he may be describing as pain could actually just be that twinge we all feel the next day after a vigorous ass fuck.  If you’ve never experienced it then I suggest you do too so you know exactly what he is describing.  :)  As far as what is too thick?  Well we all have our limits.  For some it’s 1″ and for others its larger than a fist.  The anus is wonderfully expansive with the right prep work, arousal and lube!  Many men crave bigger; they love the fullness that comes with larger dildos.  That being said anal sex should never result in true pain during or the next day…or it’s being done wrong.  I’d definitely get him to describe what he is feeling.  If it’s more than a twinge, i.e burning, bleeding, sharp twinges or raw tenderness then you need to back off the bigger toys until his ass is properly opened.  See below for how to do that!



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