The key to enjoyable assplay is feeling clean and confident so you can relax and enjoy without worrying about accidents.  Generally a person's poop is  stored deep in the digestive tract and there should not be a significant amount around the anus or in the rectum. 

Basic Cleaning Regime:

1. Empty bowels (or make sure you have very recently).

2. Using a soapy finger (mild soap of course) and some water, gently clean where you can reach. Your rectum is only so big and generally you can feel if there is anything hanging around in there with a finger inserted.    

3. (A great tip I found online) Taking a baby wipe you can cover your finger, insert it into your ass and make sure it comes out clean.  You can add Vaseline to the tip of your covered finger to make sure it goes in easily.  Repeat if necessary.  Great for if you know you are going to have someone rimming you.  You can even carry a travel pack of them…just in case!

For those of you who enjoy deeper more aggressive forms of pegging then you can consider anal douching.  

Anal Douching is the process of pushing  fluid into the lower colon and rectum to allow for cleaning and removal of any residual matter.  There are a bunch anal douch kits on the market so be sure to read the reviews before buying to see which one is right for you.

It removes mucous from the anal lining and makes it more susceptible to infection, especially HIV. Cuts and abrasions from douching also increase the chances of infection from STD’s and HIV.

Too much flow, too much heat or too frequent douching can irritate the bowel.   Only a small amount of water should be used. It is not necessary to “overfill” yourself…and doing so could cause complications such as poor drainage, blockage, and constipation.

Unless you allow a couple of hours prior to sex for any water to drain, you can end up with an embarrassing flow of possibly dirty water.

If you are overly vigorous, you will flush bacteria from the large intestine where they cause no trouble back into the small intestine, where they do.
Anal toys are a great place to start whether with your partner or solo.  Getting your ass use to having something inside of it can take a bit of work.  Some people know they love it right away and others have to adjust to the intensity of the feeling.  Each of the toys offers something a little different and I recommend exploring them in order of how they appear below.
Prostate Toys
Get to know your prostate with these perfectly curved toys.  Just insert and enjoy, your natural movements will apply pressure in all the right spots.
Butt Plugs
This little toy is perfect for longer wear and certain styles even allow for wearing outside of the house.  Also great to prep your ass before pegging!
Anal Beads
Ready for a little extra sensation?  Try inserting and then slowly removing anal beads...especially right before orgasm for an intense experience!
Looking for the fullness that the other toys do not provide?  Try a dildo!  Suction cup ones allow for great solo play and can prepare you for pegging.
Nothing can be sexier than sliding your finger(s) inside of your partner's ass.  It's tight and warm and very smooth and can be very pleasurable for your partner.  Men have the added bonus of a p-spot a few inches in.  Using your fingers is one of the best ways to massage your partner's prostate.  This can be done with a partner or solo on yourself.

Take some lube and rub it around his asshole.  Use the other hand to massage his taint and balls while you encourage him to stroke his cock.  If you are doing this solo try using a mirror for some visual stimulation.  The anus is a muscle so massage it slowly to get it relaxed for penetration.  Warming up the area can feel amazing with all of those little nerve endings there.  When you think he's ready slowly begin working in a well-lubed finger to the knuckle, crooking it towards his balls.  (His prostate is approximately 2 inches inside and is described at as chestnut sized bump).  Some guys like a gentle thrusting motion and others prefer intense constant pressure.  So I’d play around with the different stimulation to see what feels the hottest for him!  




What is rimming?  It is a the stimulation of the outside of your partner's anus with your tongue.  it can include penetration with your tongue but doesn't have to.  Why would someone want to do this?  The anus has hundreds of little nerve endings and it can be very pleasurable...not to mention naughty to do.

Risks can include upset tummy/digestive track if you happen to pick up some bacteria hanging around in that area. Hubby and I have never had a problem with it but if you have multiple partners you may be exposing yourself to more risk.  

Here are some good tips when considering ass to mouth:

1.  If you can, shower or bath before hand and use a (mildly) soaped up finger to gently clean in and around your anus.  Once you are out you can follow that up by doing the same with a baby wipe or thin cloth.  Be sure it comes away clean.  Enemas are an option as well though can remove a lot of good bacteria so do your research first.

2. Avoid rimming if there are cuts or sores around the giver’s mouth.

3. After rimming, a tongue that’s been exposed to an anus should never come in contact with a pussy or you risk transferring any bacteria present and causing an infection.  That is true of fingers, toys and cocks as well.

4. Rise with mouthwash after rimming as it may kill any lingering bacteria…especially if more oral play will take place.
Stage 1 - Make it about pleasure plain and simple.  We all love pleasing our partners and if it's the sensation she thinks you are after and not her performance as a femdom then it takes the heat off her and she may come around to it sooner.  Don't jump right into, "hey baby I bought you a strapon!"  Encourage her to get comfortable with exploring your ass with her fingers and small toys...perhaps even her tongue.  Let her see that the extra stimulation drives you wild.  

Stage 2 - Buy a strapon with her.  Let her be involved in picking out the type - harnessed or strapless.  Let her choose the stye - once she sees all the colors and shapes and stimulation options she will get excited.  Look for one that will stimulate her with either a g-spot stimulator or a vibe near her clit.

Stage 3 - Discuss positions.  For some women it can be a shock to see their men on their hands and knees, ass up in the air.  Your aim is to make her comfortable with pleasuring you with her strapon.  It can be passionate and a very natural extension to your usual play.

Stage 4 - Don't make pegging the focus every time you fuck.  Vary things up!  A lot of guys who crave pegging want it all the time.  Remember she is just finding her grove so to speak and still needs you to take the reigns and fuck her like she craves.  Perhaps start with her pegging you and finish with you fucking her so she doesn't feel like she's missing out. 

***(If your ultimate goal is for her to be dominant with you try the next step)***

Stage 5 - Introduce some pegging porn.  Once she is comfortable with pegging you a couple of times and seems to be having fun with it, hand pick a few pegging scenes that maybe show her where you'd like her to go with it.  Hopefully it will open up dialogue and give her some cues.  You can also substitute porn for a pegging fantasy you've written.  Only do this if you have confidence that she is open to being dominant as you will be revealing your dark secrets to her - harder to laugh off like a porn if she hates it.  

Stage 6 - Add in some props.  Start with things like restraints, crop, blindfold, etc.  Sometimes seeing your man restrained can bring out the inner dom in any woman.  Make it less about your submission and more about being her sex slave - to fuck and make her cum at her leisure.  If panties and chastity are on your list really ease into those themes with caution.  Remember, anything worth doing may take time!  

Stage 7 - Encourage her to be verbal.  Sometimes getting the first words out are the hardest.  Once she utters them, show her how much you love them (even if she is off target a bit).  The point is to encourage her to find her voice...the specifics of what she says can be tweaked later.  If you accomplish this stage you are well on your way to what you crave!
Does pegging make you less of a man?  No.  Does it mean you are now the girl in the relationship? No.  Plenty of masculine men enjoy pegging.  Why?  Because it feels good and adds a new area of play to the bedroom.  Why else would  you have a g-spot in your ass if not to be enjoyed?  You can retain your masculinity AND enjoy your prostate.  You can even dom from the bottom if you like.  There are no rules when it comes to pegging so enjoy it and don't worry about stereotypes and misconceptions.  
Tell her what you want and take control from the bottom!
Pegging (where women use strap-on dildos on their male partners) can open up a whole new world of erotic exploration for couples. In addition to the pleasure of anal sex and prostate stimulation, pegging can take your sex life to the next level with hands-free penetration, diverse position possibilities, and even fantasy role play. Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino sheds light on this often misunderstood, yet incredibly sensual activity for couples in her legendary anal sex workshop; watch as she guides you step by step with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. You`ll Learn About: - anal and prostate anatomy - top quality anal sex toys and lubes - the best strap-on dildos and harnesses - skills for wielding a strap-on - different positions for pegging - simultaneous pleasure and penetration for her and him Whether you are a backdoor beginner or a pegging fan, explore the ins and outs of this intimate form of sexual pleasure and discover how you can add it to your sexual repertoire!

Welcome to the world of anal pleasure for men! Anal sex expert Tristan Taormino busts myths and challenges stereotypes about male sexuality as she sheds light on one of the most important erogenous zones for men. Let her guide you step by step as she teaches an informative workshop packed with tips and techniques for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Then watch as three sexy couples with great chemistry explore this intimate activity and experiment with different toys, and positions. YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT:anal anatomy, hygiene, and lube butt plugs, vibrators, anal beads, dildos, and prostate toys, strap-ons: how to choose one, how to use one finger and toy penetration tips, the best positions for prostate stimulation. Discover how to combine anal pleasure with oral sex, have fantastic strap-on sex, and give your partner an anal orgasm. A revealing look at one of the sexiest, most intense ways for couples to take their sex lives to the next level.

Pegging in it's simplest terms is a woman fucking a man's ass with a dildo that is usually strapped on.  

Urban Dictionary:

"Anal sex reversed. Instead of the man sticking his penis up the woman's butt, the woman wears a strap-on and sticks it up the man's butt."


"The sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man by penetrating the man's anus with a strap-on dildo. The neologism "pegging" was popularized when it became the winning entry in a contest in Dan Savage's "Savage Love" sex advice column, held after an observation was made that there was no common name for the act.[1]"

It's not always easy to get the words out "Honey, I'd like you to strap on a cock and fuck my ass."   For some men, it's downright terrifying.  Somewhere along the way we decided that assplay was dirty and closely tied with being a homosexual.  For that reason many fear their partners making assumptions and looking upon them with disgust.  So I always recommend a little education in those situations.  These two videos are fantastic to watch with your partner, whether it be for him or her.  Don't judge the videos by their covers they are extremely educational, funny and downright sexy, with several pegging sessions between different partners after the "how to" part.

Expert Guide to Pegging
Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men

Now, if your partner is sexually open and up for most things, here are a couple of ways to gradually expose her to the idea of pegging: 

1. Start A Couples Blog on Tumblr - This is a great way to explore as a couple all of the things that turn you both on.  You would each be able to post to the same blog by reblogging pics you see that turn you on.  It opens up dialogue and is easier than just blurting out what you want.  You can start with light assplay pics and scenarios so he/she gets use to the idea that it turns you on to have your ass played with.  Every couple should start with some basic play before jumping into pegging.  Fingers, small toys, rimming, etc.  Once she is open to the idea that your ass is a pleasure zone, the fun can begin!

2. Watch Porn Together - Watch some porn together that has elements of assplay (fingering, rimming, etc).  Really let your arousal be known when those scenes come on so your partner gets the idea that this is a turn on for you.  If it doesn't open up dialogue right away then the next time you are in bed and both aroused, mention how much that porn turned you on the other day.  Ask her if she would be into giving it a try.  Tell her you've heard how pleasurable a man's prostate can be and you'd love to try it.  If you make it about your pleasure then chances are she will consider it.

3. Bring It Up During Sex - If you aren’t into watching porn together another way to open up conversation is to bring it up during sex.  If you are comfortable with it, let her know how much you love when her fingers brush your taint when has her fingers down there…or better yet her mouth.  If she is sucking or licking your balls, you can tilt your hips up and when her tongue slides down be verbal (moaning) and let her know there is a new pleasure zone she may be neglecting.  Same with fingers, if she is rubbing your taint, work your hips so that her fingers inevitable graze your asshole.  Again be verbal, like she just did the best thing in the world.  If you are feeling a bit forward and know she is in her kinky zone, grab her fingers and drag them lower, working them against your hole.  Tell her how fucking good that feels.  Once she is comfortable with playing with your ass from the outside, encourage her to work a finger in.  Tell her you’ve heard how hard guys can cum with their prostates stimulated and want to give it a try.  Once she is comfortable fingering or rimming your ass…then you suggest a toy (perhaps in your case not cock shaped right away).  You want this to be about you and her and exploring new pleasure and not about her being dom or having to be the "man" in bed.  Even if you crave your partner to be dominant, there will be time to ease her into that later.  Baby steps!

4. Phone Apps - For a more direct approach plan a hot night where the theme is reveal secret kinks to each other.  If you have a smart phone download an app called, Kindu (available for Android and iPhone).  It’s basically a series of questions about kinks and scenarios and you each answer them separately with things like yes, no, open to discussion.  I recommend going down on each other while the other one answers the questions!  Then you review them together and see what each others kinks are, which ones matched up and which ones didn’t. At the very least she will read through all your answers and see that your ass is turn on for you.


Types of Pegging


Whether you are a man who's interest has been piqued by pegging porn or a lady who wants to show her man how pleasurable his prostate is, there are lots of different reasons why people want to try pegging.  The bottom line is they are all normal desires and should be embraced and explored. 

1. Prostate Massage/Play - Many men and women are drawn to pegging because it takes prostate play a step further.  Perhaps they have tried plugs and beads and prostate toys...even dildos and want to see what it's like to experience the ultimate in prostate play.  Often hands-free orgasms are explored as will as multiple male orgasms.  I like to refer to his as the softer more passionate side of pegging.

2. Femdom Play - This type of play cast the women in the dominant role and the man in the submissive one.  Often larger dildos are used as well as restraints and collars.  The focus is usually her pleasure and will often involve chastity devices and other forms of orgasm control/denial.   This is typically how you see pegging portrayed in porn. 

3. Cuckold Training - Some couples in a cuckold relationship will use pegging as a way to train the man to suck and fuck cock if they're interested involving the man in some bi-play with another man, typically called the Bull. 

4. Bi Play - For some men the attraction to pegging lies in their hunger for cock.  It may be a singular lust that does not extend to men in general.  It's a chance to suck and fuck without crossing any bisexual lines and can be the gateway to actual bisex.

5. Sissification - Some men enjoy being dressed up and fucked like a woman, taking it a step father than traditional femdom.  This dress can include make-up/wigs/heels and helps that man fully immerse himself in the female role, enjoying "the other side".